Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of Sisters in Faith is to make God’s love real in the world by encouraging women to grow in a spiritual relationship with Jesus through prayer, obedience, and Christian fellowship.  Sisters in Faith also promotes strengthening of a faith foundation built upon Catholic values through good works in the church and community.

To engage women of all ages to grow in their Catholic faith.
To offer a yearly retreat to strengthen our faith foundation.
To provide outreach and good works in the church and community.

2017-2018 Officers

Bernie Evans      President                 724-290-5410
Frances Stein      Vice-President       724-316-6645
Jenifer Henry      Secretary                 724-290-6208
Julie Diamond    Treasurer                412-629-5217

Advisory Board members

Cheryl Cavaliero
Elena Flores-Noel
Mary Anne Pribis
Bernadette Sanderson
Amy Taylor

Sisters in Faith is a women’s ministry for women 18 years of age or older.

Dues are not required to join SIF, and all women are invited to our events.

Questions/Comments please email us at