St. Fidelis Parish

The Pastoral Plan for St. Fidelis Parish (2015-2016) stems from: the areas of emphasis indicated in One Body, One Mission, along with the decision by the Pastoral Council and Fr. Murphy to read the books, Rebuilt, and The Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly. Areas focused upon are the key components of: Prayer, Study, Evangelization and Generosity, which directly relate to the attached Mission and Belief Statements of St. Fidelis Parish in bringing our Catholic Faith “alive,” with focus upon becoming active Disciples of Christ. Elements of planning also include information generated from prior surveys of adult, young adult and senior parishioners, along with information and direction gleaned from “brainstorming” sessions based upon the above-mentioned areas of focus by the Pastoral and Finance Councils, as facilitated by Dr. Duffey.

AREA OF PASTORAL LIFE: Evangelization and Outreach

1. Ambassadors for Christ Ministry

Goal: To continue monitoring and enhancing this program (begun in 2013) to enable more individuals and families to bring the welcoming presence of Christ to all who enter our doors for Mass, the celebration of Christ “alive in our presence”

Objective #1: Ongoing evaluation of initiative (number of Ambassadors; parishioner feedback; modifications, etc. as needed)

Start date of initiative: January, 2013
Completion Date: ongoing
Cost: minimal

2. Coffeee and Donut Sundays

Goal: To welcome parishioners and visitors with coffee, donuts and fellowship a minimum of 4 times a year.

Objective #1: To enable various ministry groups to sponsor these specific Sundays by hosting the coffee and donuts in the Narthex after Mass(es)

Objective #2: To encourage fellowship among parishioners, along with highlighting the various ministry groups and or church events

Start date of initiative: February, 2016
Completion Date: Ongoing
Persons Responsible: Dr. Duffey/ministries
Cost: minimal

3. Parish Magazine

Goal: To publish a new Magazine, highlighting all that we are and all that we do at St. Fidelis Parish

Objective #1: To continue the full-color, highly informative magazine, updating and adding to the magazine published in 2013

Objective #2: To inform parishioners and visitors relative to the people, events, staff, contacts, ministries and opportunities to be found at St. Fidelis Parish

Start date of initiative: Disseminated Easter, 2016
Persons Responsible: Mrs. Soldner, Dr. Duffey (with input from the Pastor, Staff and Ministries)
Cost: approximately $1,500

AREAS OF PASTORAL LIFE: Evangelization and Outreach Study

1. Young Adult Ministry

Goal: To continue to reach the population of young adults from 18-35 in terms of leading them to Christ, assisting them to strongly continue their faith journey while experiencing fellowship, activities, bible studies, etc. with other young adults in the parish. The ultimate goal is to create and continue a strong, vibrant, faith filled and active community of young adults…promoting discipleship and relationship with Jesus Christ and one other.

Objective #1: To continue and expand this ministry (started in 2013-2014)

Objective #2: To move this ministry to the domain of the Director of Youth and Young Adult ministry

Objective #3: Ongoing evaluation of the program and Director (Dr. Duffey; Fr. Murphy)

• Start date: May, 2014…continuing
Completion date: Ongoing, pending ongoing evaluations
Cost(s): $1,000

2. Creating Disciples Programs

Goal: To continue to provide current programs of small group bible and scripture study; women’s study groups; Catholicism series classes and study groups; book study groups. To create new programs and study groups, i.e. (Conversion series; speaker series; retreats)

Objective #1: To continue to offer above-mentioned groups and studies, along with the creation of new studies, personally inviting parishioners though phone calls, bulletin advertisements, web page, etc.(Dr. Duffey; Fr. Murphy: staff; volunteers, outside resource speakers

Objective #2: To create parish retreats and speaker series To continue, relevant to the needs and wants of parishioners, helping them to learn and grow in their faith journeys (Dr. Duffey; Fr. Murphy; others)

Objective #3: To continue to grow, develop, expand and enhance the RCIA program, bringing in new Catholics who will learn, grow, and become active disciples of Christ (Fr. Murphy; Fr. Palick; Dr. Duffey, others)

Objective #4: Parish Study Challenge: Challenge parishioners to participate in one study/ retreat/ book group, etc. a year!

• Start date: Ongoing
Completion date: Ongoing
Cost(s): minimal, depending on outside speakers

AREA(S) OF PASTORAL LIFE: Evangelization and Outreach

1. Focus upon “Catholic Pride” and “Why do we do what we do?”

Goal: To promote understanding, participation and discipleship relative to our Catholic faith so that we can grow in and live our faith and be able to explain it to others, promoting Catholicism through better understanding of the Eucharist, the sacraments, the ministries and the rich history of who we are and why we do what we do.

Objective #1: Fr. Murphy will emphasize the parts of the Mass, the liturgy, relationship to scripture, etc. via “teaching moments”; special “round table” discussions; “one minute update” moments and articles; monthly readers’ corner about our faith; study tools, etc.

Objective #2: Provide information for on-line resources and books regarding Catholicism for parishioners who enjoy internet options

Objective #3: Distribution of Why Be Catholic brochures to all parishioners, following a sermon/talk about why it is important to read this wonderful interpretation/ answered questions about our Catholic faith

• Start date: February 13 and 14, 2016
• Completion date: Ongoing
• Costs: minimal…books, speakers, etc
• Persons Involved in Implementation: Fr. Murphy, Dr. Duffey


1. Focus upon Prayer as an integral part of our Catholic faith, our lives and our “being”

Goal: To educate, encourage teach and challenge parishioners to develop a daily prayer life based upon true intimacy with Jesus Christ as a foundation for “all that we are and all that we do.”

Objective #1: To encourage and “teach” prayer life through sermons and talks, seminars, small group studies, realizing that some truly do not know how to pray or feel the need to do so (prayer outreach)

Objective #2: To focus upon various types of prayer, scripture, learning to read the Bible, journaling, silent prayer, meditation, adoration (through talks, seminars, small group studies, Bible reading, etc.)

Objective #3: To disseminate to parishioners Prayer Process cards and other materials in order to provide “quick guide” to learning how to pray

Objective #4: To emphasize prayer in all that we are and all that we do!

Objective #5: Pursue possibility of “Prayer Partners” and possible referrals to Spiritual Directors

Start date: Continued
Completion date: Ongoing
Costs: minimal, depending upon materials disseminated


1. The focus upon Generosity as discipleship, taking many forms, but culminating in giving of self!

Goal: Focusing upon Generosity of Spirit, we will encourage our parishioners to utilize their God given gifts, talents and skills, time and treasure, in serving as integral and active members of the parish community…the Body of Christ.

Objective #1: To encourage more people to be active in ministries during Mass: lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers, cantors, choir members, Ambassadors for Christ (greeters) etc. (Parishioners can be “substitutes” if regular commitment is too heavy a burden.)

Objective #2: To increase the volunteer base for ministries, organizations and parish activities by personal invitation, advertising and emphasis upon “each one, do something”…using time, talents, and treasure, culminating in every member of the parish being involved in something. (Volunteer Challenge!); (encouraged though talks, articles, sermons, etc.)

Objective #3: To clarify through articles, sermons, talks, etc. that “fear of commitment” doesn’t need to apply because each person can do something to bring the Body of Christ alive

Start Date: Continuing
Completion Date: Ongoing
Cost: minimal