The mission of St. Fidelis Parish is to provide a welcoming, Christ centered environment, serving all who desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by offering the Sacraments and Scriptures. We are committed to ministering to the needs of all, using our gifts and talents to serve the Body of Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.


We believe that…

  1. St. Fidelis Parish identifies and supports moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of all of its members from conception through death.
  2. The Parish Family is responsible for reaching out with a caring spirit to those who have lost their faith or have not been introduced to Jesus Christ.
  3. The Pastor, as the chief teacher, provides leadership through example and offers spiritual guidance and support through the Sacraments, to all members of the Parish community.
  4. The priests, deacons, religious and all facilitators of God’s teachings are Christ’s representatives, deserving of our respect and support.
  5. Children are the future of our Parish Family. Therefore, the parents, with the support of Parish resources, are responsible for developing and nurturing the values and beliefs of the Roman Catholic faith.
  6. St. Fidelis Parish will enhance and maintain an accepting, loving, and nurturing environment with equal respect for all.
  7. We are to be responsible for those who experience poverty and suffering in all forms throughout our faith community.
  8. We acknowledge the gift of our salvation through Jesus Christ and recognize the need for the Holy Spirit to guide us in our actions.

(updated and adopted by Pastoral Council, January, 2011)

Pastoral Council Overview


  • Leadership: body of lay parishioners charged with studying the total picture of parish life, and in consultation with the pastor makes recommendations to enhance the life and growth of the parish community
  • Collaboration: with the pastor and staff, become the central discerning unit at the heart of the parish
  • Formulation: “pastoral plan”…infuse new life into the workings of the parish
  • Direction: decisions and activities more the parish forward into God’s design for the future (mission, beliefs, vision)


  • Prayerful (personal/community)….reconciliation and discernment
  • Pastoral…Holy Spirit ; proposes specific priorities and plans
  • Representative
  • Discerning…participate in decision making process.

Pastoral Council Members 2015-2016

Cheryl Cavaliero
Kristen Fiorina
Kris Paserba
Gordon Payung
Mark Capriotti