St. Fidelis was established as a Parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh on September 9, 1955 by Bishop Werul. This Parish was the result of the merger of three parishes, St. John (which was suppresses and later the property sold), St. Stanislaus (the church building and the rectory are still in use) and St. Conrad (the church and all buildings are still in use).

St. John Nepomocene Parish was established in 1904 by Bishop Phelan. The parish was established to care for the spiritual needs of the immigrant workers who were employed by Armco steel mills, Pullman rail car manufacture and other industries in the area. Most of St. John’s parishioners came from the Slavic nations.

St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish was established in 1918 by Bishop Canevin. The church was built in 1919 and the rectory in 1920. This parish was established to take care of the immigrant worker for the local industries. These people can mostly from Poland.

St. Conrad Parish was established as a mission in 1934. The Capuchin order priests from St. Fidelis seminary offered mass in parishioners’ homes until 1957. At this time enough funds had been raise o build a church. St. Conrad mission was recognized as a district parish. In 1964 more funds had been raised and the church purchased a large piece of property on Buttercup Road, built a Church and CCD building. The new church and center were opened on November 16, 1969, Thanksgiving Day with the celebration of a Mass of thanksgiving.
Since 1995 to 2012 the parish has grown to double its former size and has built several new buildings.


Construction of the Social Hall/ Gymnasium, Kitchen, Religious Education classrooms and Administrative offices.

June 5, 1997: Initiation of Building Fund Campaign by Fr. Murphy

March 10, 2002: Groundbreaking ceremonies

December 15, 2002: Dedication by Bishop Weurl

January, 2003: Full utilization of facilities by staff and Parishioners

September 21, 2008: Dedication of Narthex by Bishop Zubik