1. Registration: Registration of all students must be completed every year to provide the Faith Formation Office with the most up-to-date information.  Baptismal certificates are required of those registering for the first time who have NOT been baptized at St. Fidelis.
  2. Textbook fee: This year’s textbook fee is $50 per family before April 30th, $75 per family for all registrations received after April 30th, and $100 after September 1st.  This covers textbooks & other materials.
  3. Arrival/Dismissal: Children should arrive promptly.  Children in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Levels I & II should be accompanied to the atrium door by an adult.  The adult should not leave until the catechist arrives.  An early dismissal requires a signed note from a parent.  The parent should come to the Faith Formation Office to sign the child out at the designated time.
  4. Required Materials: Children & youth are responsible for bringing their materials: folders, doctrine book “What the Church Believes & Teaches” and for 6th thru 9th grade, their Bible.  Lost materials may be replaced by the family at cost.  Please contact the Faith Formation Office.
  5. Attendance: When a student misses class, parents are encouraged to call the catechist so that the student can receive information on the class activity missed.  Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in learning.  Students who chronically miss class (5 or more classes) will be required to complete “make-up” work.  For those students unable to make regular class sessions, a home-schooling option is available.  Please see Amanda Kramer for more details.  As always, regular attendance at weekly Mass and Holy Days of “Opportunity” is to be given the highest of priority.
  6. Code of Conduct: Students are required to show respect for themselves, other students, teachers and all church property.
  7. Emergency Contact: If you need to contact us during your child’s session, please call 724/482-2362.  This is the direct line for the Faith Formation Office.  Someone will be in the office & will answer while children are in the building.  If we need to contact you, we will try all the contact numbers listed on your registration form until we reach someone.


The Gospel at Home

A Resource for Parents & Families

This weekly guide is coordinated with each week’s lesson in your child’s catechetical program.  You’ll find a summary of the Sunday Gospel message, home discussion starters for five age levels, & ideas to help your child live the Gospel message.  You can read & print the guides online.  You can also sign up to receive a link, by email, when each new guide is available.

  • To read or print the guide:


  • To receive weekly email links:



Special Programs

In addition to the regular curriculum, several grades have special programs integrated into the curriculum.

Sacramental Preparation

Baptized children are prepared to receive First Communion during the Easter Season after    2 years of formation and catechesis, typically 2nd Grade.  The children are also prepared to receive First Reconciliation during the Lenten Season.


Teens are prepared to receive Confirmation after 3 years of formation typically spring of 8th grade year.  In addition to service hours, Confirmation candidates are required to attend a retreat.

Catholic Vision of Love

Students in all grades are presented with the Catholic Vision of Love.  This is a Diocesan Education program on love, sexuality, marriage and family.  There will be a Grade 5 parent meeting before the program begins to inform parents of the curriculum.


Inclement Weather

All cancellations will be posted on KDKA Channel 2 & WPXI Channel 11.  When the Butler Schools close early or cancel for the day, Faith Formation sessions may still be held.  We will announce by 2 pm any cancellations for weekday sessions and try our best to announce the night before for Sunday sessions.

In the event of fast approaching inclement weather, parents are encouraged to use their judgment before venturing out for a session.  Safety is our first priority.


Prohibited Items

  1. Cell Phones—Students are not permitted to use cell phones during Faith Formation sessions. If a student is observed using their phone during a session, the catechist will take the phone.  Parents may pick up the phone in the Faith Formation office at the end of class.
  2. Miscellaneous Items—MP3 players, portable game players, other electronic devices and toys are to be kept at home. If any weapons or illegal substances are found, proper authorities will be contacted & disciplinary action will be taken.