Baptism class is required if you have not taken it in the past three years. Call office for  schedule of class.

Scheduling your child’s Baptism

Baptisms are celebrated at the following times:

  • 1st Sunday of the month after the noon Mass. No other Sundays can be scheduled for after or during the noon Mass.
  • 2nd weekend of the month – No baptisms
  • 3rd and 4th weekend of the month – Baptisms may be scheduled after or during the 6:30pm Saturday Mass, after or during the 8:00am Mass and during the 10:30am Mass.

Please call the office, 724-935-2104, to register.


In the case of children who are in the process of being adopted, the Baptism may be celebrated with the consent of the natural parents; otherwise, the Baptism is to be postponed until after the adoption has been finalized, except in danger of death. Foster parents do not have the authority to present a foster child for Baptism.

Choosing Godparents

Before Baptism, one of the most important issues is the choice of godparents for your child. You are required to have only one godparent. Normally, there are two godparents, in which case, one is to be male and one to be female. Careful consideration should be given to choosing godparents as they must meet certain qualifications as set forth by laws of the Catholic Church.

A person to be admitted as a godparent must:

  • Be designated by you and must have the intention of performing this role.
  • Be at least sixteen years of age (unless the pastor sees just cause for an exception).
  • Be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has already shared Holy Communion.
  • Be a Catholic who leads a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken.
  • Not be bound by any legitimately imposed canonical penalty.
  • Not be the father or mother of the child.

Please save embarrassment for all concerned by NOT choosing a godparent who does not fulfill the above requirements.

In view of these guidelines, the pastor of the designated godparent is normally responsible for determining these qualifications.  If you choose a godparent who is a member of a parish other than St. Fidelis Parish, they must obtain a letter of eligibility from the pastor of their parish. This original letter is to be sent or delivered to the Parish Office at least two weeks prior to the Baptism date; faxes/photocopies/emails will not be accepted.

A baptized person who belongs to some other non-Catholic community may be asked to serve not as a godparent but as a Christian witness as long as a Catholic godparent is also present. Catholics who have abandoned the faith may not act as a Christian witness or a godparent.

The church does make accommodations for a godparent who, for good cause, is not able to be present at the ceremony. A proxy may be chosen to stand-in for the godparent at the ceremony.

Baptism Preparation

Parents are required to attend Baptism preparation prior to the Baptism of their first child.  Also, parents who have not participated in Baptism preparation within the past three years are required to participate in Baptism preparation prior to the Baptism of their next child.

Baptism Preparation is a one-hour program, Please call Ellen to register for the next scheduled class.

Baptismal Record

After the Baptism, the information will be recorded in the parish Baptism register. Your child’s permanent record will always be kept at this parish. Before your child’s entry to Catholic school, confirmation, marriage, religious profession or ordination in years to come, you will be asked for an updated copy of the Baptismal Certificate. It will always be issued from this parish. The information about your child’s sacramental life – where those events may happen – will always be recorded here at St. Fidelis Parish, as well.